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Civil Parish record details , used pre 20th century …later DED divisions are used in census records
Explanation of administrative divisions such as D.E.D.s , Civil Parishs and Baronies , also some information on land measurement …

Dunmore Civil Parish

Dunmore :: Map not yet available County : Galway
Poor Law Union : Tuam and Glenamaddy
Barony : Ballymoe and Dunmore
R.C. Parish : Dunmore
R.C. Diocese : Tuam
R.C. Church : Dunmore
Marriage Records : 1833
Baptism records : 1833

Galway Library Field name book records

Official O.S. townland names in this parish are

Attiflynn   Ballaghalode  
Ballaghdorragha   Cappadavock  
Ballinlass   Corralea  
Ballintava   Corry  
Ballywataire   Curraghcreen  
Baunoges North   Ginnaun  
Cappantruhaun   Kilgarriff North  
Carrowkeel   Kilgarriff South  
Carrowkeelanahglass   Levally East  
Levally West   Cloomore  
Cloonascragh   Cloondarone  
Cloonfush   Cloontooa  
Carrownagur   Common  
Carrowntryla   Corralea West  
Castle   Farrannabox  
Cloonagh   Farrannuamartin  
Cloonboo Beg   Glebe  
Cloonmore   Killaloonty  
Cluid   Killeelaun  
Cogaula   Kilmore  
Flaskagh Beg   Parkmore  
Flaskagh More   Rusheens North  
Rusheens South   TUAM T.  
Tirboy   Toberjarlath  
Townparks (2nd Division)   Townparks (3rd Division)  
Gortaleam   Townparks (4th Division)  
Gorteen   Vicarschoral Land  
Killavoher   Acres  
Killuney   Aghlisk  
Kilnalappa   Ahgloragh  
Kiltivna   Airgloomy  
Kippaunagh   Ardnagall  
Knockaunbrack   Ballinphuill  
Lissyconor   Ballymoat  
Slieve   Ballynamona  
Ballytrasna   Barnacurragh  
Beaghroe   Birmingham Demesne  
Blackacre   Boleylaan  
Timadooaun   Bracklagh  
Tobernaclug   Brockagh  
Baunoges South   Carnaun  
Breanra   Carrowbaun  
Carrowroe East   Carrowmoneen  
Carrowroe West   Carrownagarraun  
DUNMORE T.   Carrownagarry  
Dunblaney   Carrowntanlis  
Gaterstreet   Carrowpeter  
Meelickmore   Carrowrevagh Beg  
Carrowrevagh More   Cartron  
Cartronroe   Castletown  
Cloonmoyle   Coolpark  
Abbeyland North   Cuilbeg  
Abbeyland South   Curraghaun  
Addergoole Beg   Curraghcreen  
Addergoole More   Deerpark  
Aille   Demesne  
Ballagh East   Drinaun  
Ballagh West   Drum  
Ballintise   Drumaskin  
Ballymoney North   Drumbulcaun  
Ballymoney South   Fortyacres  
Gardenfield   Garracloon  
Garrauns   Garrymore  
Graigue   Grange  
Baunmore   Halfstraddle  
Beagh (Browne)   Hillswood West  
Beagh (Donnellan)   Hillswood east  
Beaghbaun   Joycegrove  
Beaghroe   Keeloges  
Bettyspark   Kilcloghans  
Bracklagh   Kilcloony  
Cappagh   Killeen  
Carrowbaun   Killeenan Beg  
Carrowculleen   Killeenan More  
Knockaloura East   Knockaloura West  
Knockavanny   Lambhill  
Lenamore   Lisconly  
Carrowculleen (Hoare)   Lissavally (Jackson)  
Carrowmanagh   Lissavally (Vesey)  
Carrowmunniagh   Loughpark  
Carrownaseer North   Marley  
Carrownaseer South   Masmore  
Carrowpadeen East   Meelick East  
Carrowpadeen West   Meelick West  
Carrowreagh   Monacow  
Castlefarm   Monumentpark  
Cloonagh   Mountpotter  
Newtown (Darcy)   Pollaphuca  
Polldorragha   Polleens  
Queensfort   Rahogarty North  
Cloondergan   Rahogarty South  
Clooneen   Rinkippeen  
Cloonfane   Ryehill  
Cloonkeen   Shanvally  
Conagher   Stripe  
Curraghaun   TUAM T.  
DUNMORE T.   Tinkershill  
Darrary North   Tonmoyle  
Darrary South   Tonrevagh  
Derrymore   Townparks (1st Division)  
Townparks (5th Division)   Tullybeg North  
Tullybeg South   Ballaghalode  
Cappadavock   Corralea  
Drumaskin   Corry  
Drumbane   Curraghcreen  
Dunmore   Ginnaun  
Dunmore Demesne   Kilgarriff North  
Fear Beg   Kilgarriff South  
Fear More   Levally East  
Fortpark   Levally West  
Garrafrauns   Cloomore  
Garrauns   Cloonascragh  
Glen   Cloondarone  
Cloonfush   Cloontooa  
Common   Corralea West  
Farrannabox   Farrannuamartin  
Gortnagoyne   Glebe  
Gortnalea   Killaloonty  
Graigueachullaire   Killeelaun  
Grange   Kilmore  
Kilnaslieve   Parkmore  
Knockatee East   Rusheens North  
Knockatee West   Rusheens South  
Knockaunnagat   Tirboy  
Knockballyvishteal   Toberjarlath  
Lisduff   Townparks (2nd Division)  
Townparks (3rd Division)   Townparks (4th Division)  
Tuam   Vicarschoral Land  
Acres   Aghlisk  
Lissybroder   Ahgloragh  
Lurgan   Airgloomy  
Meenalena   Ardnagall  
Menus   Ballinphuill  
Menus Park   Ballymoat  
Moneenpollagh   Ballynamona  
Mullaghmarkagh   Ballytrasna  
Newtown (Darcy)   Barnacurragh  
Newtown (Lynott)   Beaghroe  
Paddock   Birmingham Demesne  
Blackacre   Boleylaan  
Bracklagh   Brockagh  
Carnaun   Carrowbaun  
Pollaphuca   Carrowmoneen  
Prospect   Carrownagarraun  
Quarrymount   Carrownagarry  
Quarter   Carrowntanlis  
Quaybaun   Carrowpeter  
Roy   Carrowrevagh Beg  
Shrule   Carrowrevagh More  
Slievedarragh   Cartron  
Stripe North   Cartronroe  
Stripe South   Castletown  
Cloonmoyle   Coolpark  
Cuilbeg   Curraghaun  
Curraghcreen   Deerpark  
Sylaun East   Demesne  
Sylaun West   Drinaun  
Sylaunnagran   Drum  
Tooreen   Drumaskin  
Drumbulcaun   Fortyacres  
Gardenfield   Garracloon  
Garrauns   Garrymore  
Graigue   Grange  
Halfstraddle   Hillswood east  
Hillswood West   Joycegrove  
Keeloges   Kilcloghans  
Kilcloony   Killeen  
Killeenan Beg   Killeenan More  
Knockaloura East   Knockaloura West  
Knockavanny   Lambhill  
Lenamore   Lisconly  
Lissavally (Jackson)   Lissavally (Vesey)  
Loughpark   Marley  
Masmore   Meelick East  
Meelick West   Monacow  
Monumentpark   Mountpotter  
Newtown (Darcy)   Pollaphuca  
Polldorragha   Polleens  
Queensfort   Rahogarty North  
Rahogarty South   Rinkippeen  
Ryehill   Shanvally  
Stripe   Tinkershill  
Tonmoyle   Tonrevagh  
Townparks (1st Division)   Townparks (5th Division)  
Tuam   Tullybeg North  
Tullybeg South  

Tithe Applotments (1823-38) Exact Locations unknown but in this parish.

Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary 1837.

Field Name books from 1840’s

The placename database covers the Poor Law Unions of Ballinrobe and Tuam roughly a 15 kilometer radius centered on Shrule , the townland database covers most of Connaught in lesser detail .

Find ::

When searching for a placename type some or all of the word and click search. If you are unsure of the spelling try a part of the word . For example the placename Mocharra sounds like Moharra so if you search for arra you should find it. For example a placename record ( eg Rostaff ) gives the townland ( eg Moyne ) and the civil parish ( eg Shrule ) .

Civil Parish details available :: 40

Abbeyknockmoy ,   Annaghdown ,   Athenry ,   Belclare ,   Ballinchalla ,   Ballinrobe ,   Cargin ,   Clonbern ,   Claregalway ,   Cong (Galway) ,   Cummer ,   Dunmore ,   Donaghpatrick ,   Kilbennon ,   Kilconla ,   Kilmoylan ,   Kilcoona ,   Killeany ,   Killursa ,   Kilkilvery ,   Killower ,   Lackagh ,   Moylough ,   Monivea ,   Killererin ,   Tuam ,   Ballinchalla ,   Ballyovey ,   Ballinrobe ,   Ballintober ,   Cong ,   Kilcommon ,   Kilmolara ,   Kilmainebeg ,   Kilmainemore ,   Moorgagagh ,   Mayo ,   Robeen ,   Shrule ,   Unknown ,   more to come . . . .

Barony details available

Clare  ,   Kilmaine  ,   more to come . . . .

Poor Law Unions details available

Tuam  ,   Ballinrobe  ,   more to come . . . .

Land divisions and Administration

Go to the Map Resources page for descriptions and explanations of the land divisions used in genealogy plus explanations of terms etc…

Civil Parish Maps

There are two general index maps of the Civil Parishes , one for South Mayo and the other for North Galway . These correspond roughly to the Baronies of Kilmaine (Co Mayo ) and Clare (Co Galway) and show the civil parish boundaries and parish locations in relation to each other.

Townland Index maps .

Official O.S. townland names in Shrule parish

Unknown   ,   Ballisnahyny   ,   Ballycurrin Demesne   ,   Ballynalty   ,   Brackloon   ,   Brodullagh North   ,   Brodullagh South   ,   Bunnafollistran   ,   Cahernabrock   ,   Cloghmoyne   ,   Cloonbanaun   ,   Commons   ,   Cullagh   ,   Dalgan Demesne   ,   Glasvally   ,   Gortatober   ,   Gortbrack   ,   Kinlough   ,   Mocollagan   ,   Mocorha   ,   Mounthenry   ,   Moyne   ,   Ramolin   ,   Rooaunalaghta   ,   Shrule   ,   Shrule Town   ,   Toorard   ,   Cornehan   ,   if the place you seek is not here it’s not an official townland name , search or select the parish link to see all placenames in that parish.
There are townland index maps for Shrule and the surrounding civil parishes available below . They show the townland boundaries and main features of the Civil Parish . They can be useful in locating adjacent townlands or parishes to the one you may be researching.

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