Shrule Market 22 April

A market was held in Shrule , Co Mayo on the 22 April 2006 . Under the Casual Trading Act 1995 , market rights unused in the 10 year period up to 1 May 2006 could be automatically extinguished .

Shrule Market 22 April 2006 - G.Mullen buys vegetables from M.Murphy.

G.Mullen buys vegetables from M.Murphy.

Luckily Shrule will not lose the right due to the vigilance of some local marketeers! Market Rights exist for most towns in Ireland and were granted to Town Councils or Individuals over a four hundred-year period by the English Crown. The granting of Market Rights often reflects the bitter power struggles that especially characterised the 17th and 18th centuries. Absolute power was granted to Individuals or Corporations in England’s bid to colonise Ireland and one of these powers was the control and financial rewards of market trading.

They were granted “Market Rights” by the English Crown in the form of complex and legally binding “charters” or “letters patent” that encompass special rights under English Law. Ireland’s legal system is based on English Law and so recognises and accepts the primacy of Market Rights. Market Rights that were granted four hundred years ago are still as valid now as they were then and in Ireland have constitutional protection.

A “Market Right” is also the publics right to trade in a certain area, at a certain time. In Ireland and England complex laws have evolved in relation to Market Rights and on the whole reflect the general public’s need for the use of a market place .The right exists as much for the customer as it does for the seller.

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