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Townland record details , townlands are the smallest official land division but many contain locally used placenames .
Explanation of administrative divisions such as D.E.D.s , Civil Parishs and Baronies , also some information on land measurement …


Official Townland name

Civil Parish Shrule
Barony Kilmaine
Poor Law Union Ballinrobe
County Mayo
Registrars District Cong
D.E.D. Dalgan
Area 620 A. 1 R. 25 P.
O.S. 6″ sheet(s) Mayo 122 121
Griffiths Valuation Poor Law Union of Ballinrobe – Page # 150

Census of Ireland 1901 Head of Household (B1).

Head of Household’s :: Name Land Holder (Landlord) Building type
Sarah Howley Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
John Fahy Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Mary Regan Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Mark Clabby Mark Clabby Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Michael Higgins Michael Higgins Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Private dwelling
Michael Mangan Michael Mangan Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Mary O’Connor Mary O’Connor Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Martin Melia Martin Melia Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
John Muldoon John Muldoon Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Rev J. Conroy P.P. Private dwelling with 3 rooms.
R.C. Chapel
Matthew Joyce Matthew Joyce Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Honor Mulroe John McGagh Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Martin McDonagh John McGagh Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Michael Dooley Michael Dooley Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Peter Greaney Peter Greaney Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
James Walsh James Walsh Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Mary Corbett Mary Corbett Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Thomas Corbett Thomas Corbett Private dwelling with 4 rooms.
Martin McDonagh Martin McDonagh Private dwelling with 2 rooms.
Patrick Walsh Patrick Walsh Private dwelling with 2 rooms.

Griffiths Valuation details :: 1848-54

Click on the Griffiths Valuation Page # 150 to see a list of tenants with plot numbers to match the Griffith map.

 click for more detail

Townland plot map

Griffith’s final published valuation of South Mayo is dated circa 1854 due to the fact that Lady De Clifford is listed as owner of Dalgan and Patrick Kirwan owned it until sold in 1853 on account of the Encumbered Estates Act.The original surveys of Shrule were carried out in late 1838 ( from surveyors letters ).

Click on the map on the left to see a larger version

The map has each renters plot numbered and recorded in the Valuation book so the exact location of your ancestors plot can be ascertained. Click on the Griffiths Valuation Ballinrobe Page # 150 to see a list of tenants with plot numbers to match the Griffith map.

Tenants Name in the valuation Landlords name Comments
Lady De Clifford In fee
John Commins Lady De Clifford
Church R.C. Chapel Lady De Clifford
Michael Commins Lady De Clifford
John Connors Lady De Clifford
Michael Connors Lady De Clifford
Patrick Connors Michael & John Connors
Thomas Connors Lady De Clifford
John Craddock Lady De Clifford
Patrick Dooley Lady De Clifford
John Durham Lady De Clifford
Michael Feeny Lady De Clifford
Margaret Foy John Commins
Philip Gallagher Lady De Clifford
Patrick Garvey Lady De Clifford
Thomas Geraghty Lady De Clifford
Thomas Gibson Lady De Clifford
Peter Greany Lady De Clifford
Patrick Heneley Michael Teeney
Patrick Higgins Lady De Clifford
Martin Hopkins Michael Commins
George Jennings Pat (James) Walsh
Matthew Joyce Lady De Clifford
Laurence Keane Lady De Clifford
Patrick Keane Michael Teeney
Catherine Kinnealy Michael Teeney
Thomas Langan Lady De Clifford
John F. Lynch Lady De Clifford
Martin Mc Donagh Lady De Clifford
Patrick ( Farmer ) Mc Donagh Lady De Clifford
Patrick ( Labourer ) Mc Donagh Michael Commins
John Mc Guire Thomas St.Leger
Timothy Mc Hugh Lady De Clifford
Patrick Moylan John Commins
Michael Muldoon Thomas St.Leger
James O’Brien Michael Teeney
Thomas St. Ledger Lady De Clifford
Joseph Tallon Lady De Clifford
Michael Teeney Lady De Clifford
Patrick Tigue Lady De Clifford
Andrew Walsh Lady De Clifford
Anthony Walsh Lady De Clifford
Patrick Walsh Lady De Clifford
Patrick ( James ) Walsh Lady De Clifford

Tithe Applotments :: 1828 – 38

Tenants Name in the records Placename as recorded Notes
Denis Biggins Tubberkeeran
Mats ? Commons Ramellin
Hugh Connell Ramellin
Thomas Connor Ramellin
John Gibsy Tubberkeeran
Martin Kirwan Ramellin
Patrick Lynsky Ramellin
Pat Mahon Tubberkeeran
Pat Moran Ramellin


Placenames mentioned in this townland are :

Field Name Book

Field Name Book description from 1838/1839 noted by the surveyors who produced the O.S maps originally.


B.S.S.M. : 25
Ráth Moling , St. Moling’s Fort. :: Pronounced. locally Ra/ mo/ ling.

  • Ramolin : J. 0’D,
  • Ramolin : Meresman
  • Ramolin : County Map
  • Raumeelin : Rev. Jas. Geraghty
  • Ramelyn : Inq. temp. Eliz

Situated in the north side of the parish. It is bounded on the N and E. by the parish of Moorgagagh and the td. of Dalgan Demesne;
S. by the tds. of Shrule and Cloonbanaun; and W. by the td. of Brodulagh North.

It contains 620a. 1r. 25p., including 45a. 2r. 34p. of water,and is the property of P. Kirwan, Esq., of Dalgan.
It is let to occupying tenants, part at will and part under a lease of 31 years or 3 lives, at the yearly rent of from 29s. to 33s, per acre.
The soil is a light, sandy clay with limestone. There are in this td, one ancient fort with a cave in it, and a holy well, called Toberkieraun, at which the inhabitants of the neighbouring districts perform certain religious ceremonies.
The inhabitants of this td. are all Catholics.

The placename database covers the Poor Law Unions of Ballinrobe and Tuam roughly a 15 kilometer radius centered on Shrule , the townland database covers most of Connaught in lesser detail .

Find ::

When searching for a placename type some or all of the word and click search. If you are unsure of the spelling try a part of the word . For example the placename Mocharra sounds like Moharra so if you search for arra you should find it. For example a placename record ( eg Rostaff ) gives the townland ( eg Moyne ) and the civil parish ( eg Shrule ) .

Civil Parish details available :: 40

Abbeyknockmoy ,   Annaghdown ,   Athenry ,   Belclare ,   Ballinchalla ,   Ballinrobe ,   Cargin ,   Clonbern ,   Claregalway ,   Cong (Galway) ,   Cummer ,   Dunmore ,   Donaghpatrick ,   Kilbennon ,   Kilconla ,   Kilmoylan ,   Kilcoona ,   Killeany ,   Killursa ,   Kilkilvery ,   Killower ,   Lackagh ,   Moylough ,   Monivea ,   Killererin ,   Tuam ,   Ballinchalla ,   Ballyovey ,   Ballinrobe ,   Ballintober ,   Cong ,   Kilcommon ,   Kilmolara ,   Kilmainebeg ,   Kilmainemore ,   Moorgagagh ,   Mayo ,   Robeen ,   Shrule ,   Unknown ,   more to come . . . .

Barony details available

Clare  ,   Kilmaine  ,   more to come . . . .

Poor Law Unions details available

Tuam  ,   Ballinrobe  ,   more to come . . . .

Land divisions and Administration

Go to the Map Resources page for descriptions and explanations of the land divisions used in genealogy plus explanations of terms etc…

Civil Parish Maps

There are two general index maps of the Civil Parishes , one for South Mayo and the other for North Galway . These correspond roughly to the Baronies of Kilmaine (Co Mayo ) and Clare (Co Galway) and show the civil parish boundaries and parish locations in relation to each other.

Townland Index maps .

Official O.S. townland names in Shrule parish

Unknown   ,   Ballisnahyny   ,   Ballycurrin Demesne   ,   Ballynalty   ,   Brackloon   ,   Brodullagh North   ,   Brodullagh South   ,   Bunnafollistran   ,   Cahernabrock   ,   Cloghmoyne   ,   Cloonbanaun   ,   Commons   ,   Cullagh   ,   Dalgan Demesne   ,   Glasvally   ,   Gortatober   ,   Gortbrack   ,   Kinlough   ,   Mocollagan   ,   Mocorha   ,   Mounthenry   ,   Moyne   ,   Ramolin   ,   Rooaunalaghta   ,   Shrule   ,   Shrule Town   ,   Toorard   ,   Cornehan   ,   if the place you seek is not here it’s not an official townland name , search or select the parish link to see all placenames in that parish.
There are townland index maps for Shrule and the surrounding civil parishes available below . They show the townland boundaries and main features of the Civil Parish . They can be useful in locating adjacent townlands or parishes to the one you may be researching.

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