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Cromwellian adventurers :: Ireland

From “Irish Pedigrees” by John O’Hart, vol 2

In Prendergast’s “Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland”, under the heading ” Scheme for a Last and Permanent Conquest of Ireland,  through a Society of Adventurers, he says:

” According to the scheme of the Parliament for suppressing the Irish Rebellion (of 1641), 2.500,000 acres of Irish lands, to be forfeited,  were offered as security to those who should advance moneys toward  raising and paying a private army for subduing the rebels In Ireland.

The moneys, instead of being paid into the King’s exchequer, were to be paid to a committee, composed half of members of the House of Commons and half of subscribers to this joint fund, who were to  nominate the general and the officers, the King having nothing to say  to the force but to sign the officers’ commissions. All the Irish saw  that this army of Adventurers were coming, like the first invaders  under Strongbow, to conquer estates for themselves and their employers, and therefore could not but oppose them for the sake of  their wives and children, who must be deprived of their homes.

They  must therefore fight against England thus represented, and the King  (Charles I.) be deprived of their aid. The King objected to the Act:

It took away from him the power of pardoning the Irish; and he suggested that it must only render them desperate, which in truth was  the very purpose of the Parliament, but he dared not refuse his assent.

The measure was received in England as a triumph over the king and the Irish. The subscribers, or Adventurers as they were called, were to have estates and manors of one thousand acres given to them in Ireland at the following low rates: In Ulster for 200 pounds, in Connaught for 300, in Munster, for 100, and in Leinster for 600, and lands proportionately for less sums. The rates by the acre were four shillings is Ulster, six shillings in Connaught, eight shillings in
Munster, and twelve shillings in Leinster. If this plan were carried out, it was to put an end for ever, according to Sir John Bulstrode Whitelock, the Speaker off the House of Commons to that long and bloody conflict foretold (with so much truth) by Giraldus Cambrensis . . . The work of Queen Elizabeth and James the First, it was said, would now be perfected. The Irish would now be rooted out by a new and overwhelming plantation of English: another England would speedily be found in Ireland; And that prophecy (by Giraldus Cambrensis), as old as the invasion, be proved false, that Ireland will not be conquered till just before the Day of Judgment.”

As it was not until the 27th of September, 1653, that the Parliament were enabled to declare the Rebellion in Ireland subdued, and the war appeased and ended, it was only then that preparations were made for setting out lands in that country, in satisfaction of each Adventurer’s subscription. Eleven years, however, had then elapsed since the first Act of Subscription in 1642, and some of the Adventurers were no doubt dead, while others of them had sold or
assigned their Adventures; but each such Adventurer, or his or her Assignee, received lands in Ireland, equivalent in each case to the paid-up subscription.

It may be observed that some of the Adventurers were Irish, living in England, and some of them living in Ireland. The full name and address of each Adventurer is in Prendergast book;
“Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland”; 2nd edition published in
Dublin, 1922

Page 1.

Surnames of the Adventurers for Lands in Ireland, under the various Acts and Ordinances of Subscription; commencing with the Act of 17 Charles I. chap. 33, A.D.1642, and ending in 1646;

When all further subscription ceased:

Adams Banister Birch Brewer

Addys Banks Bird Brewster

Ailster Barber Birkenhead Brice

Ailston Barefoot Bisby Brickdell

Alcock Bareton Bishop Bridges

Alcocke Barg Bishopp Briggs

Alexander Barker Biskoe Bright

Alford Barnaby Blackborrow Brightwell

Allen Barnard Blacke Brimley

Allenson Barnardiston Blackwell Brinley

Allot Barnes Blagne Briscoe

Almery Barrett Blake Brocket

Almond Barrington Blakiston Bromwich

Allured Barton Blande Brooke

Ames Barwicke Blate Broomer

Amyos Bassett Blatt Broughton

Anderson Bate Blunsdon Brouker

Andrews Bateman Boate Browne

Anthony Bayley Boggest Brunskell

Archebold Baynton Boggeste Bruster

Arkins Bayntun Bond Bryfield

Armine Beale Bone Buckland

Arnold Beamont Bonner Buller

Arrundell Beard Bonnvyn Bunce

Ash Beardolfe Booke Burcott

Ashe Beardolph Bosfield Burgess

Ashley Beck Bosville Burgis

Ashton Bedingfeild Botterill Burlace

Ashurst Bedingfield Boughton Burroughs

Ashwell Beighton Boulton Button

Atkins Belfeild Bourcher Bye

Aunsley Bell Box Bynce

Ausley Bellers Boyce Cacott

Austin Bence Boynton Cage

Austrey Bendigo Boyse Campbell

Ayres Bendish Bradley Camphield

Ayscough Bentley Bradshaw Cannockt

Babb Bernard Braket Canting

Babington Best Branckstead Carpenter

Babbington Betsworth Brand Carrill

Baily Bewley Breakeing Carter

Bainford Biddolph Brenley Carwithen

Baker Bidle Brentley Castle

Ballam Bdolph Brereton Catlin

Ballard Bigg Brereton Caulier

Bancks Biggs Brett Chamberlain

Page 2.

Chambers Crickmore Dyke Ffountain

Chandler Crispe Eames Ffountaine

Chaveney Croane Earle Ffowler

Chaveny Cromwell East Ffox

Cheney Crooke Eastwicke Ffrancis

Cheny Crossing Eaton Ffranklin

Cheswick Crow Eden Ffreeman

Chewning Crowley Edlin Ffrench

Childe Crowther Edwards Ffrere

Chillingworth Dabbe(Debbe) Elderby Ffyenns

Clapham Dacres Eldersy Fish

Clapp Daire Eldred Fisher

Clare Daniel Elie Fletcher

Clarke Darnely Elliot Foster

Clay Dashwood Ellis Francis

Claydon Davenport Elliston French

Clement Daves Elinston Galllle

Clerke Davey Emes Galton

Clercke Davis Enderbe Gardner

Clifton Davy Evans Garland

Clotworthy Dawes Evelin Garnall

Clutterbuck Dawson Evillin Garnar

Clutterbucke Day Ewelin Garner

Cobb Deards Ewer Garrard

Cocke Deathricke Eyres Garth

Coish Debbe(or Dabbe) Farrington Gastrell

Colbron Delany Ffalder Gay

Colchester Dennis Ffane Gearing

Cole Dent Ffarmer Gerrard

Coleman Deskeene Ffarrington Gethinge

Coles Diline Ffarthing Gibbs

Collect Dingley Ffarwell Giles

Collins Disney Ffawne Gill

Collyer Ditton Ffeatherton Gipps

Combe Dodd Ffielde Gitting

Cooke Dornelly Ffenton Gittings

Coomb Dover Fferris Glanvill

Coombs Dowleing Ffewster Goad

Coop Dowleingg Ffigg Goddard

Cooper Downe Ffinch Goddesden

Corbet Downing Ffisher Godfrey

Corke Dowse Fisk Godsden

Cornish Dowys Ffiske Gomesden

Cory Doyley Ffissenden Good

Coulson Drake Fflasher Goodard

Cox Draper Fflesher Goodier

Coxon Dringe Ffletcher Goodwin

Coysh Dryden Ffoard Goswell

Crandley Ducane Ffolliot Gouch

Crawley Duke Ffoote Gouge

Cressy Dun Ffoster Gouing

Crew Dupree Ffoulkes Gould

Page 3.

Gower Hazleburt Hurste Lazinley

Gowrdon Hazlerigg Hussey Leader

Graant Hearne Hutchins Leaver

Grannow Heathcocke Hutchinson Lee

Grantham Heathcott Hyland Leete

Graves Heathcotte Ingram Legatt

Greenhill Heather lrens Lenthall

Greensmith Heecocke Isaacke Levering

Greenwell Henly Ivatt Levit

Gregson Henman Ivery Lewellin

Grocer Henson Jackson Lewillin

Grove Herrage Jacques Lewin

Gulson Herring Jaques Lewis

Gunston Heveningham Jeffryes Liffkens

Guxton Hiccocke Jenkins Ligh

Guy Hickman Jenner Lincolne

Haddilove Higgens Jenny Ling

Hale Higgins Jessen Linge

Hales HIldesley Johnson Lipplate

Hall Hill Jones Lisle

Hallows Hinde Jordan Litle

Hamon Hippesley Joseph Litmaker

Hampden Hitchcocke Jurin Littleton

Hampson Hoare Keddermister Lloyd

Hampston Hobbert Kendrick, Locke

Hardening Hobson Kendricke Lockier

Harding Hodges Kentish Long

Hardy Hodgson Keynes Longe

Harlnett Hodilow Kilby Lordell

Harmon Holland King Lorrard

Harrington Holman Kingston Lorring

Harris Honnor Kinnaye Loton

Harrison Honnywood Kircombe Loughall

Harryman Hopping Kirkham Lound

Harsnett Hotchkis Kittlebutler Loupe

Hart Houghton Knapp Love

Harte House Knight Low

Hartford Howard Knightley Lucas

Harvey Howe Knowles Lumley

Harvy Howell Lacey Lunnery

Harwell Howlsted Lacy Lyon

Hastings Hoxton Lacye, Macomber

Hatt Hoyte Lake MacWorth

Hatton Hubbard Lamb Maherly

Haughton Hubbert Lambell Mallock

Haule Hublon Lambelle Maltas

Haward Hudson Lambert Malthies

Hawell Hughes Lamott Man

Hawes Hukins Lane Marlow

Hawkes Hull Langham Marriot

Hawkins Humphreys Langley Marryot

Hayden Hunt Laughall Marshall

Hayes Hunter Lazingbye Martin

Page 4.

Martinere Nicholl Pettit Rayment

Mary Nicholson Peymoyer Raymoun

Masham Nobbs Pheasant Read

Massey North Phillips Reade

Mastall Northcott Pickering Redferne

Mathew Norton Piggott Reene

Matthew Nosworthy Pike Regmerter

May Nutkins Pim Reynold

Maynard O’Ffeild Pinn Reynolds

Mayne Officiall Pinner Richards

Meade Offley Pitcher Richardson

Meare Oldfield Pitches Ridges

Measy Onslow Pitt Risby

Meggot Onslowe Pitts Roach

Melhuish Orchard Player Robbins

Mercer Ottyer Plucknett Roberts

Merideth Overing Polsted Robins

Merricke Overton Polsteed Robrough

Methould Owen Poole Roch

Michell Owener Popham Rodbeard

Micketwait Owfeild Pordage Rogers

Midleton Packer Porter Role

Miles Page Pott Roswell

Mileston Paine Potter Roulston

Miller Palentine Pots Round

Mills Pallin Poulter Rovins

Minor Palmer Powell Row

Mitchell Panter Prestley Royley

Molins Pargiter Prettie Rumney

Moody Parker Priaulke Rushley

Moore Parkhurst Price Russell

Morgan Parret Prince Ruthhorne

Morley Parris Pritey Rutton

Morall Parry Procter Sadler

Morris Parsons Pryer Sallway

Mortom Partheridge Puller Salmon

Mosia Partridge Pury Sanders

Mosyer Pate Pye Sandon

Mounson Pay Quiny Sankey

Mountagne Payton Radcliff Scarlet

Mountney Peacock Radcliffe Scobell

Moyer Peacocke, Raie Scot

Mumford Peake Rainsboro Scott

Munday Pearce Rainsboro Seager

Murdocke Pearson Rand Seale

Musgrave Pecke Randall Sear

Nettle Pedder Rendal Seare

Nettleship Peers Randolph Searle

Nethuish Pennington Ratcliff Sedgewicke

Newmam Pennoyer Ratcliffe Seed

Newton Perket Rathbrand Seignejurall

Newtowne Perry Rathwell Shakespeare

Page 5.

Shakspeare Steele Tiffen Walter

Sheafe Steming Tillaslye Wardell

Sheares Stephenson Tillett Warner

Sheffeild St. Hill Tilsley Warren

Shepcott Stint Tipping Warring

Sheppard Stipe Toft Waterhouse

Sheppy St. Jobn Towne Waters

Shetbrooke Stocke Townesend Waterton

Sherlocke Stoker Townley Watkins

Shingler Stone Townsend Watson

Shortt Story Towse Watts

Shurtis Stoughton Trelawney Weale

Shute Strange Trenchard Webb

Shuttleworth Stratton Trinnlett Webster

Sibbs Strickland Trimlet Weeks

Sibley Stroud Triplett Wells

Silloby Stubber Trotman Wenman

Simpson Stubbins Tncker West

Skinner Sturdy Tuffenaile Westrow

Skippon Sturmy Tunbridge Wharton

Skrenshaw Suelling Turbington Wheatley

Skrimshawe Sumner Turgis Whitcombe

Sleigh Summpter Turlington White

Smiter Sutton Turner Whitehall

Smith Swan Tutty Whiteing

Snell Sweete Tyler Whitekett

Snelling Swinnicke Tym Whitlock

Snow Swinnocke Underwood Whitston

Soame Symons Valentine Whittaker

Solsted Syntall Vassal Whittingham

South Tabor Vaughan Wilcox

Sowden Tarlton Venner Wilde

Sparrow Tarrant Venor Wildinge

Speller Tartle Vernon Wilkin

Spenser Taylor Vickars Willett

Spring Temple Vincent Williams

Springer Tenant Viner Willington

Springett Tendring Voice Willoughby

Spurston Terrill Vye Wilson

Squire Terry Wade Winkly

Stackhouse Thewel Waggstaffe Winspeare

Staine Thomas Wagstaffe Winstone

Standish Thompson Walcott Winewood

Stane Thornburie Waldo Witham

Starkey Thoroughgood Waldoe Withern

Starky Thorould Wall Wollaston

Starr Thorpe Waller Wolley

Starrahirrs Thrale Wallin Wood

Staunton Thibbs Wallington Woodcock

Stedde Tichburne Wallis Woodcocke

Stedderman Ticknee Walmsley Woodgate

Page 6.

Woodhead Woodward Wright Yeates

Woodhouse Wolfe Wyan Young

Woodley Woolnough Wymer Younge

Woodruffe Wormelayton Yard

Woods Worth Yates

From “Irish Pedigrees” by John O’Hart, vol 2

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4 Responses

  1. Phyllis PearsonApril 3, 2016 @ 7:00 amReply

    I think the Pearson name is my husbands. We have always been told that the family were sent to break up the hugely populated catholic areas. Our Pearsons settled in Limerick. Their home and farm was c Allen ‘Cooga ‘ we actually have the house name plate and the front door bell!

    There are no Pearsons left there now, my husbands great grandfather left Ireland with a coupl of the Goodwin family, headed for Australia and then came to NZ.

    It’s very difficult finding out information from Ireland.

    The other side of my us bands family were the Heavenors, they were Palatines and lived in Rathkeale and Pallaskenry.

  2. Much appreciated!
    Ann Irwin

  3. Page 128 of The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland – Prendergast mentions an Alexander Irwin . The list here is the primary list etc..
    Martin Ryan

    128 THE CROMWELLIAN SETTLEMENT Upon getting possession, the half-pay of the officers and soldiers ceased. But in addition to the original list of those to be satisfied by the Commissioners, additional lists were constantly sent down of soldiers whom they were to admit to receive their satisfaction as if they had been in the original lists.* OF THE EQUALIZING OF COUNTIES AND BARONIES. The state gave all the forfeited lands to the army at the Adventurers’ or Act Rates; but the several regiments composing each provincial lot were unwilling to cast the regimental lots, or lots to ascertain in what counties and baronies within the province the several regiments were to be satisfied their arrears, without some regard to the value of lands. They thought it too desperate a hazard for a regiment to cast a lot and find itself paid off with 10,000 acres of land in the mountains of Kerry, while the next regiment received 10,000 acres in the rich pastures of Tipperary or Limerick as of equal value, though the army received all the Munster lands from the state at ~450 per 1,000 acres. Accordingly, they equalized or set an approximate or more real value on the lands in the several counties and baronies, when casting lots for lands in discharge of their pay. Thus the regiments in the Munster lot valued the barony of Glaneroughty, containing the mountain land of * “A list of several persons of Captain Lewis Jones’s troop of horse that desire satisfaction for their arrears in the county of Sleigo:~. s d. A. R. P. Corporal John Jones,…… 43 19 0 97 3 24 Alexander Irwin……. 22 14 4 45 1 24 Christopher Jones,…….. 21 15 8 43 2 0 Richard Jones,…….. 20 8 2 40 3 8 James Hugh,…. 21 8 5 42 1 8 Quarter-Master Nicholas Goulding,. 22 14 9 465 1 24 Pence excluded, total is…. ~367 1& 0 735 1 8 “These are to certify that the arrears of the above persons are stated, and amounts to the several sums according to their names respectively annexed, for which proportions of land are required at the rate of ~500 for 1000 acres; as is likewise to their sums affixed, which amounts in the whole for the said ~867 138. Od. to the sum of 735A. 1R. 8P. 30th March, 1655. “WILLIAM DIGGES. “‘ To Major W. Shepherd, Major John King, and the other Commissioners for setting out lands in the county of Sleigo, that they be added to the list of those to be satisfied there, and be permitted to draw lots as if they had been named in the original list.” A-85, p. 220.

  4. Just wondering if there are some names missing between H and M? I expected to find Irwins here but no sign of them!

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