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Egan / Greaney family – Civil War memorabilia

Mary Rooney sent me the original letters that she had from Martin Burke, the day before he was executed for his part in the Irish Civil War, in the early 1920’s. After reading the letters, I have determined that Martin was more related to the Greaney’s, than to the Egan’s. He may have been a nephew to Mary Egan but he was related, by blood, to the Greaney’s. The Kathleen that he is writing to, is Kathleen Greaney, daughter of Mary Egan Greaney. Kathleen is the mother of Mary Crampton, who is still in Shrule.

Delia,Kathleen and Mae Greaney

Delia,Kathleen and Mae Greaney

After a little research, I figured out who the second letter was written by. His name was Stephen Joyce and he was executed alongside Martin and three others. All five lived in the Shrule-Headford area and worked together in their part of creating havoc. I haven’t figured out what their crime was yet. This letter is a little tougher to read because his handwriting gets smaller as he goes down the paper.

Name Detained / executed
Thomas Hughes Athlone , Firing squad
Micheal Walsh Athlone , Firing squad
Herbert Collis Athlone , Firing squad
Stephen Joyce Athlone , Firing squad
Martin Burke Athlone , Firing squad

M.Burke :: Letter on eve of execution (1923)

M.Burke :: Letter on eve of execution (1923)

Martin Burke. In Proud and Loving Memory of Martin Burke (Captain I.R.A.) Who gave his life for his Country at Custume Barracks, Athlone, on January 20th, 1923, Aged 25 Years

Stephen Joyce :: Letter on eve of execution.

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