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  • National School Registers

    The children recorded as having attended National School are available for Clydagh NS and for Kilroe NS.

    The Kilroe records give an approximate year of enrollment and they do not have the parents occupation listed in the database but the address is given . However if you find an entry you are interested in you may contact Kilroe National School details are available on their website

    The Clydagh NS records have pupils starting year , ending year and highest class achieved recorded for each pupil. The register also records the parents occupation and address. Comments often indicate a previous school attended .You may contact this school with queries also or visit their website at

    National School records stored in the database are all pre 1980 for security/data protection reasons , nobody would want the list of currently attending children listed online . Records from about 1920 to 1980 are stored in the database but will not be displayed other than to indicate whether a record exists or not. If you want details about an entry between 1920 and 1980 you will have to contact the relevant school.

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    1. tom newellMarch 25, 2017 @ 10:21 pmReply

      thank you, for this opportunity to reasearch your list. Is their a townland name listed for the mary and martin newell family listed on your records? most greatful for your search,

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