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Annals :: Ballycurran

Peter Lynch built the mansion house in Ballycurran .

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Lynch Arms


Descendant of Sir Henry Lynch, first Baronet of Galway, who died in 1634, his son Maurice was transplanted to Ballynonagh in 1655. Maurice then got a lease of Ballicurran castle and 4 quarters of land on March 1679. He died in 1684 and his son Joseph got a renewal of the lease. Joseph had three sons ,Maurice who inherited Ballynonagh on his father’s death in 1721, Ignatius, a merchant in Galway, and Peter. A son of Ignatius, Joseph, succeeded to Ballycurran on his grandfather’s death, as he died young and without issue the property then went to his uncle Peter. This Peter Lynch built the mansion house in Ballycurran and was the first Lynch to actually live there, from 1728. Peter died in 1760 and his son Henry succeeded to the estate.

Ballycurren House

Ballycurren House

Henry died in 1820 and the Friars of Kilroe named their townland after him, Monthenry, so that all may remember him. He was succeeded by his son Capt. Peter Lynch who died in 1840, Peter had married Julia Lynch, a distant cousin, and had a large family, four sons and four daughters. His son Charles was his successor, he married Helena Joyce of Merview, Galway. Their only son died in infancy and Helena died in the famine year of 1847. Charles became High Sheriff of County Mayo and in 1849 he donated one acre of land and some material help for the construction of a national school in Kilroe.

Ballycurrin House is now restored and the estate also boasts a lodge and a holiday cottage. Estate also has its own private jetty and boat for access to the lake. Ballycurrin House, cottage and lodge are currently available for rent and are an ideal base for those interested in angling or holidaying in the West of Ireland region. All accommodation is less than 50 metres from the lakeshore. Visitors are assured of a warm welcome from the owners complete with welcome basket to help you settle in.



A Census return from 1821 for Ballycurran

Surname Forename Age Relation to head
Lynch Peter 40 Farmer
Lynch July 30 Wife
Lynch Henry 13 Son
Lynch Charles 11 Son
Lynch Robert 5 Son
Lynch Arthur 2 Son
Lynch Elizabeth 12 Daughter
Lynch Margret 10 Daughter
Lynch Catherine 7 Daughter
Lynch Margret 70 Mother In Law
Lynch Peter Havey 31 Brother In Law
Lynch Barbara 18 Sister In Law
Fallin Thomas 21 Tutor
Clerk John 25 Thorough Servt
Brown Lieutenant 40
Patten Phillip 16 Pantry Boy
Lyons Denis 51 Groom
Walsh Nelly 50 Cook
Sweeny Mary 40 House Maid
Felbin Wenny 18 Kitchen Maid
Hoban Mary 19 Landry Maid

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  1. Rosemary SlatteryFebruary 17, 2013 @ 5:42 pmReply

    In the mid-eighties I visited Ballycurren to see where my grandfather worked and lived. Two of their children were born there in 1918and 1919. I took lots of pictures. I can not believe how beautiful it is now. Thanks to the people who did an amazing restoration. My sisters and I hope to return there someday soon. Rosemary Slattery

  2. This house has now been fully restored. Check out http://www.ballycurrinestate.con

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