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Annals :: Land ownership

Land ownership from Griffiths Valuation and the Tithe Applotments.

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List of townlands, their acreage, landlords, number of houses and occupiers for the parish of Shrule in 1857 as given in the Griffiths valuation, with comparisons with the 1825 Tithe Applotment book . Names spelled as found on documents. The sign “@” found preceding a name indicates that the surname was found in that townland in 1825, but not necessarily a relation of the person so named.
Townland and placename index for Shrule , Co.Mayo

Shrule :: Townland and placename index


For 1857 only names of people occupying a house in a townland are given for that townland.
For 1825 the names given in that document includes people renting land only, ie: The Phew family of Rostaff is also mentioned in Cooldisheen, Stradnagh, Cloghmoyne and Brodulagh. Regretfully for names like Garvey, Walsh, Connor, Burke….it is impossible to distinguish the different families and to know who lived where and who rented only land.
It was a common practice in that century for a more wealthy tenant to rent 2 or 3 houses besides his own and then subletting them to less prosperous people. This also applied for land tenancy. For the 1857 document most of the subtenants are recorded, but for the 1825 one none are. This accounts for some of the names found in 1857 not being recorded in 1825.
During and after the famine, applotments were made available because of the death or emigration of their tenants. This gave the opportunity for some families with only a few acres to move on to larger plots and may account for some names disappearing from one townland and re-emerging in another.
After the sales of the estates by Encumbered Court some area were greatly affected by movement of people ie: Ramoline where of the 23 tenants living there in 1857 only 11 lived there in 1853.


620 acres, owned by Lady de Clifford, 23 houses, 1 church.
@Connor , Moran and Connell are also mentioned 1825 .


146 acres, owned by Lady de Clifford, 9 houses.
@ Michael Davin, jun. @ Honor Mc Gruff , @ Stephen Carty @ John Flannery @ Michael Davin, sen. also Donohue, Corbitt, Larkin.


916 acres, owned by Lady de Clifford, 600 acres held by landlord the remainder being rented, 6 houses. Lady de Clifford James Higgins ,John Ryan ,James Reilly Martin Goodwin ,Mary Casey No names of tenant given for 1825


, 161 acres, owned by Lady de Clifford 57 houses, 1 forge, 1 workshop, 1 national school, constabulary barracks, 1 malt house, 1 brewery, 1 graveyard and 1 building as tolls and customs of fair and market. Mud Cabins by the castle: Michael Lyden , Michael McTigue , William Frehen ,John Hughes ,Thomas Flanagan . Other houses: 6 lodgers not named Joseph Fallon Bartley Gavan Michael Ralph James Gilmore Pk. Lawless Thomas Moran Bryan Noone John Tethers James O’Rourke Thomas Reilly Anthony Boyle Thomas Fagan Pk. Walsh James Muldoon Michael Connell Michael Bourke John F. Lynch Denis Greany William Curry Jn. Fitzgerald Hubert Reilly(forge) Thomas Langan Pk. Geraghty Catherine Burke Rev. William D. Roe Thomas St. Leger Timothy McHugh Philip Gallagher Michael Fahy Michael Langan Martin McDonagh Richard Keane Michael Commins Catherine Broad Richard Flannerry John Walsh Thomas Martin(workshop) John Craddock Catherine Monaghan Martin Curran Patrick Garvey Richard Golding(brewery) Thomas Geraghty John Carty John Spelman John Gannon(tolls and customs) Joseph Tallon(barracks)   Tenants recorded for Shrule in 1825 (no subtenant named) Bryan Sweeney Widow Ralph Mary Fallon M. Ward D. Sweeny Widow Sweeny John Curran Pat. Curran Mt. Fahy Bd. Berne M. Tethers Martin Ralph James Berne Philip Gallaher Martin Jennings R. Golding John Knight James Garvey John Sweeney Mat. Com…(?) Garret Nally Andrew Shaughnessy Tony McDonough Anne Golding James Garvey sen. Jim Gilligan W. McEvilly Martin Joyce James McGrath Ths. Fagan widow Smith Mt. Morris F. French Widow Brady


185 acres, owned by Nathaniel Briggs, 7 houses. Thomas Mahony Pk. Farragher Thomas Laffy Pk. Laffy Thomas O’Neill Thomas Gipson Denis Melia


: 603 acres, 0wned by James D. Meldon, 308 acres retained by landlord for his own use, 9 houses. Nappy Byrne @ Michael Murphy @ James Noone Daniel Fallon Martin Mulrooney John Varley @ Pk. Fitzgerald Jn. Fitzgerald John Murphy Only two other names mentioned in 1825: William Brannick 222 acres, and John Higgins 5 acres.


: 936 acres, owned by George O’Higgins,M.P., 690 acres retained by landlord for his own use, 1 national school, 14 houses. George O’Higgins @ Thomas Gipsey Denis Hynes John Gipsey Thomas Henely Parick Henely Martin Laffy Mark Kinneaoly Michael Varley Patrick Thornton Patrick Sheridan John Sweeny James Laffy Paul Laffy Only two other names given for that townland in 1825, the Burkes with 108 acres and a George Petty with 24 acres. Ravenhill is mentioned in that document with 146 acres but the names of the tenants are not given.


: 612 acres, owned by George Vesey who retained 445 acres for his own use, 12 houses George Vesey David Moghan Bridget Moghan James Dowd @ Michael Rourke @ William Murphy @ Patrick Minahan @ John Devany @ Patrick Kavanagh @ John Flaherty @ Ellen Cunningham Thomas Menahan Names found in Cahernabrock in 1825 but not in 1857 are: Rowland, Mahon, Christian, Duane, Toole, O’Brien, Connell, Carty, Noone.


: 249 acres, owned by George S. Lynch, 10 houses. James Moghan Denis Beggins Patrick Moghan Patrick Gibson Redmond Murphy @ William Keane @ Matthew Walsh @ Malachi Madden @ Peter Nolan William Hessian


: 311 acres, owned by Dominic O’Flaherty, 12 houses. @ Patrick Dooley @ Martin Nolan @ Patrick Walsh @ Martin Cahill @ Michael Burke Ulick Burke John Nolan Thomas Curran @ Richard Gavan @ Michael Coyne @ Patrick Carroll Martin Carroll Names existing in Cloonbanaun in 1825 but not found in that town- land in 1857: McTige, Martin, Purcele, Scahile.


: 107 acres, owned by Mary Reddington, 5 houses. James Dooley Bridget Craddock Thomas Martin Martin Quinlisk Michael Dooley Only one tenant mentioned for Cullagh in 1825, name not readable.


: 502 acres, owned by George S. Lynch who retained 259 acres for his own use, 9 houses. @ Patrick Sweeny Martin Sweeny Bridget Sweeny Martin Murphy Bridget Higgins John Fitzgerald @ Michael Corbett @ Mary Walsh Anthony Moghan Names found existing in Brodullagh north or south in 1825 but not found in 1857 are: McGrath, Connell, Cohen, Lydane, Laffy, Naughton, Fallon, Millett.


: 515 acres, 379 owned by Pierce Joyce for his own use, 23 acres owned by Mary Redington and rented to the Dooley family, 23 acres owned by Robert Bodkin and rented to the Nolan Family some being subrented, finally most of the rest was owned by Stephen Roche who rented it. 9 houses. Pierce Joyce Patrick Nolan Edmund McTighe Patrick Corbett John Corbett William Langan James Donnellan John Roche James Fury Only one person mentioned in 1825 for Kinlough a Mr. Haddican for 235 acres


: 839 acres, owned by Colonel Charles Knox who retai- ned 723 acres for his own use, 7 houses. Michael Moghan Michael Daly Matthias Daly James Beggins Martin Thornton Michael Flood Patrick Clarke Part of Kilmaine parish surrounded by Shrule Parish, not in the 1825 document.


: 557 acres, owned by Charles Lynch who retained 242 acres for his own use, 16 houses, 1 forge. Charles Lynch John Burke Patrick Donnellan Thady King Winifred King Sally Morrin Thomas Morrin Richard Molloy(forge) John Gilmore Mark Sullivan Thomas Geraghty Thomas Gardiner Thomas Sullivan Margaret Sullivan Denis Kennaire John Lyden Of all the house holders mention above only John Burke is shown residing in Ballycurran in 1825 but this does not mean that there were no others.


: 632 acres, owned by George O. Higgins who retained 104 acres for his own use, 21 houses, 1 mill. Thady Lyden (mill) Michael Togher Martin Flynn Patrick Philips Margaret King Anthony Flynn Bridget McDonagh @ Thomas Hood Thomas McEvilly Luke Hood @ Bridget Biggins @ Hugh Molloy @ Patrick Keane Thomas Mulrey Thomas Donohoe @ Bridget Moghan Margaret Molloy Michael Gannon Nancy Coyne Patrick Molloy John Beggins Family names existing in the townland in 1825 but not found in 1857 are: Petty, Varrilly(?), Burke, Elwood.


: 706 acres, owned by Philip Jones who retained 520 acres for his own use, 5 houses. Richard Conway James Naughton @ John Blake Sarah Murphy Ellen Blake Names found in Cloghmoyne in 1825 but not in 1857: Biggins, Sul- livan, Phew, Rook, McDermott, Herward, Scahile, Rupa, Cassidy, D’Arcy.


: 143 acres including 5 as commonage, owned by Charles Lynch of Ballycurrin, 12 houses. Paul Mulrooney Patrick McGagh James Gilmore Thomas Fahy Thomas Kelahan Edmund Walsh Thomas Swift Manus O’Donnell Patrick Ruane @ Cecilia Laffy Darby Burke Mary Baker Names found in Glasvally in 1825 but not in 1857: Garvey, Dod…(?), Hardiman, Nelson, Sweeny.


: 4 acres on Glencorrib road, owned by Col. Charles Knox, 4 houses. Bridget Burke Nappy Hessian Thomas Hessian Thomas Joyce


: 171 acres owned by Charles Lynch, 14 houses. John Whelan Anne Mooney John Lynch Peter Ruane Bryan Ruane Patrick Ruane Thomas Whelan Michael Togher Edmund Lynch John Bourke Bridget Davin Margaret Mooney Sally Kinary Patrick Lyden Only a Thomas Burke mentioned in 1825 as tenant.


: 332 acres owned by Charles Lynch, 17 houses. @ Thomas Geraghty Michael Geraghty Mary McGuire Patrick Whelan Thomas Canavan Thomas Joyce John Bourke John Gavan Thomas Garvey(sen.) @ Anthony Garvey John Garvey Mary McHugh James Garvey Michael Concannon Thomas Garvey Michael Coyne Honora Hynes Only 2 names mentioned in 1825.


: 235 acres including 5 in commonage, owned by Charles Lynch, 1 national school, 1 church, 1 mill, 19 houses Judith Fahy Patrick Sweeny (mill) Thomas Sweeny Mary Kenny Judith McTigue Catherine Browne Patrick Hynes Margaret Keane James Hart Patrick Cottingham Anthony Finn Michael Moghan Patrick McManus Michael Devany William Duggan Michael Kelly Owen Hynes John Blake Charles Coyne In 1825 only 3 tenants were recorded for Kilroe for a total of 500 acres, Courtney Kenny 300 acres, Chas. Blake 120 acres, Thomas Keville 80 acres. A large portion of that land must have been subrented. Two tenants were mentioned for Mt. Henry, the Kellys and the Sul- livans.


(including Rostaff and Boula): 880 acres, 100 held by Paul Ward for his own use the remainder owned by Joseph Burke, 1 gra- veyard, 44 houses Paul Ward James Keville Patrick Keville Patrick Doherty James Phew Mary Clogherty Mary Newell Michael Connor Catherine Curran Patrick Gannon John Naughton(tailor) Michael Connor(farmer) Patrick Flood Michael Biggins(patt) Michael Naughton(John) Edmund Connor James Biggins Thomas Biggins(Patt) Pat. Biggins(Kearney) Patrick Higgins Daniel Byrne Michael Naughton (Pat.) Thomas Biggins(James) John Connor Edmund Connor(Patt) Francis Connor Thomas Biggins(Black) Patrick Byrne Margaret Hare Bridget Connor Margaret Kearney James Connor(Thady) Margaret Connor John Hare Patrick Coyne John Naughton(Patt) Patrick Hogan Patrick Murphy Patrick Connor(Thady) Patrick Garvey Catherine McManus John Garvey Thomas Heneley Peter Conry The names mentioned for Moyne in 1825 are Golding, Moran, Verdan and Ryly (Reilly ?).


: 68 acres owned by Thomas Balfe and rented by George S. Lynch. In 1825 it was rented by a Hugh McGath


: 408 acres owned by Paul Ward of Moyne, 15 houses. @ Thomas Garvey James Garvey Michael Garvey Andrew Heneley John Heneley John Heneley Richard Monaghan John Heneley sen. Michael Monaghan @ Francis Kenny Patrick Kenny Margaret Garvey Patrick Biggins Martin Murphy Redmond Heneley Thomas Davin Other names mentioned for Toorard in 1825 were Fiynn(?) and Hart. Townlands mentioned in the 1825 document but not in the 1857 one, having being included as part of another townland. Spellings as found on document.


: 51 acres, 2 tenants, Patrick Corbitt 32 acres and James Craddock 19 acres.


46 acres, 2 tenants, John Martin and Patrick Lai…(?), 23 acres each.


17 acres held by John Connor.


In 1857 was recorded as part of Moyne 178 acres, John O’Brian, John G.(?), Pat. Tige, Peter Moghan, Ja mes Phew, John Garvey, James Moghan.


152 acres held by Courtney Kenny


30 acres, 14 rented by Thomas Keville and 16 rented by Anthony Garvey.


61 acres, tenants were Edmund and Michael Connor, James Phew, John Naughton, Thomas Keville, Edmund Kearney, James Biggins, widow Sullivan


9 acres, Simon Conry, James Molloy, Patrick Newile


70 acres held by Malachy Fahy.


48 acres Patrick McTige james Mahon Walter Staunton Michael Hart Js. Collins Patrick Cohen


Pat Farragher Daniel Connell Pat. Mahony Owen Mahony Pat. Fallon Daniel Fallon John Naughton Michael Naughton Pat. Connell James Naughton Morgan Mahony Jim Mahony Michael Laffy Pat. Laffy Michael Farragher Pat. Farragher jun. Mark Fallon Owen Leonard Anthony Kenny


Part of Moyne in the 1857 document. Michael Kine James Biggins Pat. Biggins Martin Cohen Michael Cohen Pat. Haire Pat. Berne John Haire Edmund Biggins widow Biggins Cormack Higgins Anthony Garvey Pat Berne jun. Edmund Connor James Phew Pat Connor (Thady) William Connor John Spelman John Hogan Pat S. (?) Michael Berne Daniel Berne James Berne John Naughton Michael Tuin(?)


9 acres held by James Phew.


(part of Ramoline in 1857) 47 acres, Thomas Mahon, Dennis Biggins, Pat. Mahon, John Gibsy


49 acres held by James Noone


112 acres held by Peter Lynch.
Petty's Map of Shrule - 17th century

1640-1710 :: Petty's map for Down Survey

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